Horoscope: Chill out!

Horoscope for June 19-25 Overview: The energy from the full moon wanes by Monday, catch your breath and make plans for the long term. Harness emotions so organizing will be easier. Those who are anxious or rebellious need to chill out. Drive carefully and avoid conflict or road rage. Some are looking for closure or […]


Weekend Waster – June 5, 2016

Turn your waste into something useful in your garden this summer.


Weekend Waster – June 5, 2016 (2)

You don’t have to be rich to make your back yard look like you are!


Horoscope unavailable

 Heather is taking a brief hiatus, but expects to return soon.  


Awesome rooms in awesome houses

After many hours of searching for interior and exterior design epic-ness we bring you the best of the bad ass things rich people do to their houses.


Awesome rooms in awesome houses (2)

Oh the things you could do to your house… if you won the lottery.


Horoscope: Reality check

Horoscope: May 15 – 21   Overview Reality checks will see some people question what they really believe in. Seek advice from those who give wise counsel. Prayer is helpful, as there is a greater plan even though its hard to see when there are problems to face. Some will consider moving or relocating, possibly […]


Horoscope: Feelin’ lucky

Your horoscope: May 8 -14 Overview Come out from under the shadow of restrictions or time constraints to move things along; the bottom line will be fine in the end.  Locations or new territory are up for discussion. Expectations become more realistic as they unfold in a practical direction; stay the course.  Plan large celebrations […]


Horoscope: Compassion

Horoscope for May 1 – 7 Overview Inspirational words help some to reach spiritual renewal or deepen their faith. This will be helpful when it comes to handling sensitive matters. These feelings can be carried over into the work area allowing relationships there to run more smoothly as well.  Having compassion can be key to […]


Horoscope: Emotions

Horoscope: April 24 – 30 Overview Emotions have influence over choices. Try not to let this affect business or practical matters too much; keep them separate. Some may have to move. This improves relationships in the long run. Be fair to avoid losses financially or with reputation. The road of life has intersections from time […]