Horoscope: February 22 – 28

Passionate feelings lead to dramatic actions; excitement is a strong motivator. Quick decisions have equally swift follow-through. Make sure it will be worth it as endings are likely. It will be important to reflect on why things happened the way they did; go within. Some will be too stubborn to own up to their part […]


Horoscope: February 15 – 21

Strong words stimulate clarity of focus; take direct action on them. Waiting too long causes a change of course or some confusion. Proper leadership will be important for ultimate success. The new moon midweek is also the beginning of the Year of the Sheep. Trust, Hope and Faith are the keywords. Be more security conscious. […]


Horoscope: February 8 – 14

Intense feelings are a driving force. Abilities to arrive at accurate conclusions are sharpened; assess people or situations. Make emotional choices to stay or go. Weigh the pros and cons for the long term; it has to fit into the grander plan. Decisions need to be made about who will move; don’t grind the details […]


Horoscope: February 1 – 7

Romantic thoughts float in a dream-like state; expectations go beyond reality. Try to keep at least one foot on the ground. Allow some time for true intentions to surface. Communications back and forth need clarity. Some move on to other opportunities or interests; it can be liberating. Intuition helps navigation through areas of doubt. Prayer […]


Horoscope: January 25 – 31

Contain your energy until you know where you want to direct it; this will matter. Check with those who can give you some advice. Prepare legal or other important documents. Chat about the benefits that could be shared; collect on what is due. Plan for advancement. Avoid letting relationship issues side-track this. Intuitive feelings guide […]


Horoscope: January 18 – 24

Pause to look within; re-align personal directions. Don’t worry what others are doing; secure your path by the new moon on Tuesday. Make better use of resources; no need to impress anyone. Give the ego a rest. Investigations go to a deeper level. The additional information or evidence will influence the outcome. Mercury turns retrograde […]

people's choice awards2

Celebrity Style Watch – People’s Choice Awards

Awards season has officially started and so has the most critical time of celebrity fashion. “Who wore what” and “did we love it or hate it” is top of mind. While many eyes are on the fabulous gowns of the women, let’s not forget about Hollywood’s best dressed men. There is no doubt that these […]


Horoscope: January 11 – 17

Expectations over-shoot actual performance, so dial back a bit; it won’t matter in the end. Be patient as a change in circumstances is coming. Check financial wiggle room to keep spending in line; avoid the credit hangover. New or unusual people you meet add spark to relationships. Upgrade communications or devices, especially if it will […]

dg collage

Celebrity Style Watch – David Gandy

You may not know the name, but you certainly know the man. One of the top male models in the world, the face of Dolce & Gabbana since 2006 and a staple near the top of the men’s best dressed lists, Gandy has loads of style. He epitomizes all that is “gentleman” and still maintains […]


2015: Year of the Sheep

The Year of the Sheep starts on February 19th as the Chinese Zodiac follows a lunar cycle. The influence of the #8 comes from the reducing of 2015 to a single digit = 8. Keywords: Hope, trust and faith.   #8 years are more prosperous in business and commercial activities. There will be engineering feats. […]