The things we do for a penny

What will Canadians do when the Penny is no longer is circulation this year?  Based on these photos they will probably get hurt so much.

Debate over!

I think this argument from the TV show Castle pretty much ends this entire debate.  

My dog: The paradox

If you have a dog you will likely relate to this cartoon, it’s bang on!  **explicit language**

Something for the ladies

Here is a gallery for all the ladies to take some time out of their day to enjoy.  Feel free to share with your friends. Click for page 2>>    

Something for the ladies (Part 2)

Here’s a few more hard bodies for the ladies to enjoy courtesy of <<Back to page 1    

Sofia Vergara: “Gifs” that keep on giving!

After getting into some trouble on New Years Eve, I thought it only fitting to put together a Sofia Vergara gallery for everyone to enjoy! Click here for page 2 >>    

Sofia Vergara: “Gifs” that keep on giving! (Page 2)

Now because I really care, here is another Sofia Vergara gallery for everyone to enjoy! << Back to page 1    

Sport pics taken at just the right moment

Timing is everything as clearly seen here in these awesome pictures.

I’d watch this!

He’s taken the world by storm and soon enough this could actually happen!

It’s almost that time again!

Hope you are ready for New Years Eve!