Sport pics taken at just the right moment

Timing is everything as clearly seen here in these awesome pictures.

I’d watch this!

He’s taken the world by storm and soon enough this could actually happen!

It’s almost that time again!

Hope you are ready for New Years Eve!

Olivia Culpo: Miss Universe

Enjoy this holiday treat from

20 Funny Fails Dec 19-12 Part 1

Often the funniest things just write themselves and these are just a few examples. First day and last day on the job I know it’s in here! No Thanks Not impressed Oh, “Thor-y” I’m guessing with a bat? 2 hands kid Great paint job Proof, monkeys in the back room that make these Show me […]

20 Funny Fails – Dec 19-12 Part 2

Some more funny fails from some idiots we share the planet with. This song’s called, “Keep the Lid on!” Gotta see this film. Manliest penalty possible. Girl Scouts getting serious about those cookie sales. Redneck Nutcracker, really? I do this every week Could have used some help with this escape Really…? Laziness at its best […]

Brownie in a mug? Yes please.

This is something that every bachelor needs to know about, please share with your friends!  

Nice neighbors

I’m not sure how I would react if this happened in my apartment but I have a feeling I wouldn’t be quite this nice about it.  These would be great neighbors to have.  

Tango Time Waster

It is that time of week once again!  It’s time to stop working for a bit and waste some time with by enjoying some great photos from around the web! Now this girl’s a keeper! They just don’t make medicine like they used to Forever alone I wonder what this ride would be like? […]

Beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Some Christmas pics and Christmas gifs (get it, Christmas gifs…?) to help get you in the spirit!