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Enjoy a few more great ideas to help simplify your life.     Click here for more amazing photos >>    

Horse Face Swap

For those of you who have ever wondered what a horse would look like if it had a different head, here is the answer! See more great animal photos here >>

Tango Time Waster – March 7, 2013

Waste some time and don’t feel bad about it!     Click here for page 2>>    

Tango Time Waster – March 7, 2013 – Page 2

…no need to rush back to what you were doing just yet.     View more time wasters here >>    

Detailed Floor Plans from TV/Movie Homes

Someone took the time to draw these detailed floor plans from your favourite shows and movies.  It’s surprising how long you end up looking at them.     Click here for more great pics>>    

Tuesday Tango Time Waster

It’s that time!  You have worked hard for almost two whole days now, so take some time to yourself!     Click here for Page 2>>    

Tuesday Tango Time Waster – Page 2

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Awesome Body Art

This is some great body art, no Photoshop used at all!     Click here to view more amazing photos>>    

Sleeve Faces

Putting those old records to good use, well at least the sleeves!     Click here for more Sleeve Faces >>    

More Sleeve Faces

…these people are creative.  Here’s some more great Sleeve Faces.     Click here for even more great Sleeve Faces>>