Great Gifs

A collection of some of the finest Gifs I could find online today!  Enjoy!


Our pets sure know how to make us laugh.  This is one happy animal, or maybe scared.          

Movie Moments

A flashback to some memorable movie moments and the exact locations they happened at, or at least close enough!  

Don’t bring a girl to the NBA finals

The guy makes it so easy to make fun of him that it almost takes the fun out of it…almost!  

What do you mean?

Remember those little white lies your parents used to tell you? 4  

The future of cars

I’m not 100% sure but I think this vehicle can time travel!    

Monday morning cuteness!

The girlfriend before Lois…

For anyone who has ever wondered how Superman’s relationships worked out before Lois.

‘Behind’ the scenes of Miss Reef 2012

The Tango thought you might enjoy a closer look ‘behind’ the scenes of this years Miss Reef 2012 calendar. You’re welcome!

Miss Earth 2012 Contestants

Just a reminder to everyone how BEAUTIFUL our planet is!  Enjoy!