Ski Bunnies make everything better!

Don’t let the snow get you down, here is something to help put a smile on your face gentlemen!

Celebrity Portraits

This collection of celebrity portraits from Martin Schoeller catches some of your favourite stars in some very unique places.

Lego Movie Scenes

Some of you favorite movie moments recreated with Lego, can you guess them all?


Okay, this is kind of silly but it made me laugh!  

Incredibly Cute Animals

If these animals don’t make you say ‘aww’ out loud then nothing ever will!   Click here to see some AWESOME ANIMALS >>    

Tango Time Waster – Jan 3-13 (Page 1)

The job isn’t all fun and games Oh, that’s what that is for! You only had one job I want this dog! This picture is way too cool He’s real Airplane awesomeness 1 Electric Gangnam Style Oh Toto, you so funny! Go to page 2 >>    

Tango Time Waster – Jan 3-13 (Page 2)

I wouldn’t mess with this kid! Obviously not in college. Airplane awesomeness 2 Cat Woman, origins Why you should always wear your seat belt! Awesome neighbor What’d you call me?   <<Back to page 1    

The things we do for a penny

What will Canadians do when the Penny is no longer is circulation this year?  Based on these photos they will probably get hurt so much.

Debate over!

I think this argument from the TV show Castle pretty much ends this entire debate.  

My dog: The paradox

If you have a dog you will likely relate to this cartoon, it’s bang on!  **explicit language**