Monday Gif-Fest – July 7, 2014 (2)

This gallery is good enough to make you forget it is even Monday.  

Very Cute Pets

Wasting some time is a whole lot more fun when you are saying, “Awwwww!” the whole time!    

Very Cute Pets (2)

…even more adorable pets to help you waste some time.        

Best of Seven – July 3, 2014

Judge these people and vote for your favourite, they want you to! Send your selfies to [email protected]

Time Waster – July 3, 2014

Stop working and start wasting your time. It’s a short work week anyway, no one expects you to actually be working.

Time Waster – July 3, 2014 (2)

You are so good at this time wasting thing. If you’re lucky you might one day have my job and get paid to do this!

Random Awesomeness – July 2, 2014

Random, check! Awesome, check! This gallery is ready for your viewing pleasure.

Random Awesomeness – July 2, 2014 (2)

Doesn’t today sort of feel like the second Monday of the week? If it does you should treat it like a Monday and take another break to view this gallery.

WTF – Wednesday – July 2, 2014

This gallery is actually filled with some things that are awesome, but more things that are weird.

WTF – Wednesday – July 2, 2014 (2)

Without the internet, most of us would never know how weird a world we actually live in. Thanks Interweb, thanks so much!