Friday Fails – September 20, 2013 (Page 2)

Failing on Friday is actually no big deal, as long as it’s someone else doing it!  All you have to do is laugh at it.

Argh Matey!

It is international talk like a pirate day and to celebrate here’s a gallery to make you wish it was international dress like a pirate day.

Time Waster – September 19, 2013

The week is almost over which makes it a great time to stop working for a bit and have a laugh!

Time Waster – September 19, 2013 (Page 2)

Every minute you waste on the Time Waster, donates a minute of time to someone who also really needs to waste some time. Thanks for your help!

Twins Takeover Warriors Game

Keep your eyes open for the Tango Twins at Westside Warriors hockey games throughout the season.

WTF Wednesday – September 18, 2013

Every week I am amazed at just how much weird stuff gets posted online.  Here is just a sample of what was posted this last week.  

WTF Wednesday – September 18, 2013 (Page 2)

There’s so much weird stuff this week that this gallery could be 4-5 pages long.  Here’s just one more page to enjoy for now…  

Very Perry Gallery

While arguing with a co-worker about who the most beautiful woman in the world is, it seems I proved myself wrong. Once I started looking up photos of Katy Perry, I quickly realized SHE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN in the world, not Kate Beckinsale like I originally thought. Now here are 30 reasons why […]

Very Perry Gallery (Page 2)

I feel like I must have been living under a rock to have never appreciated Katy Perry until now. Better late than never I guess, ENJOY!    

Time Waster – September 17, 2013

Looks like you need to take a break from all that hard work you have been doing this week and the Time Waster is here to help!