Incredibly Cute Animals

If these animals don’t make you say ‘aww’ out loud then nothing ever will!   Click here to see some AWESOME ANIMALS >>    

Tango Time Waster – Jan 3-13 (Page 1)

The job isn’t all fun and games Oh, that’s what that is for! You only had one job I want this dog! This picture is way too cool He’s real Airplane awesomeness 1 Electric Gangnam Style Oh Toto, you so funny! Go to page 2 >>    

Tango Time Waster – Jan 3-13 (Page 2)

I wouldn’t mess with this kid! Obviously not in college. Airplane awesomeness 2 Cat Woman, origins Why you should always wear your seat belt! Awesome neighbor What’d you call me?   <<Back to page 1    

The things we do for a penny

What will Canadians do when the Penny is no longer is circulation this year?  Based on these photos they will probably get hurt so much.

Debate over!

I think this argument from the TV show Castle pretty much ends this entire debate.  

My dog: The paradox

If you have a dog you will likely relate to this cartoon, it’s bang on!  **explicit language**

Something for the ladies

Here is a gallery for all the ladies to take some time out of their day to enjoy.  Feel free to share with your friends. Click for page 2>>    

Something for the ladies (Part 2)

Here’s a few more hard bodies for the ladies to enjoy courtesy of <<Back to page 1    

Sofia Vergara: “Gifs” that keep on giving!

After getting into some trouble on New Years Eve, I thought it only fitting to put together a Sofia Vergara gallery for everyone to enjoy! Click here for page 2 >>    

Sofia Vergara: “Gifs” that keep on giving! (Page 2)

Now because I really care, here is another Sofia Vergara gallery for everyone to enjoy! << Back to page 1