Monday Gif-Fest – November 25, 2013

An excellent collection of moving pictures to kick off your work week.  

Monday Gif-Fest – November 25, 2013 (Page 2)

If you liked page one you haven’t seen anything yet.  I present to you, PAGE 2!!      

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

What’s not to hate about famous, attractive and very rich people?

Celebrity DUI’s

Celebrity justice is a world of its own. This infographic shows the bad and the ugly truth of Hollywood DUIs: breathalyzer tests, driving under the influence, high blood alcohol levels, and troubling mugshots.  

Friday Fails – November 22, 2013

It’s time to take joy in other peoples major failures in life with some Friday Fails.  

Friday Fails – November 22, 2013 (Page 2)

Failure does not simply happen, sometimes you have to try really hard to make it happen.  

Catching Fire!

With the release of The Hunger Games Catching Fire happening tomorrow, we are celebrating with the 30 hottest pics I could find of Jennifer Lawrence. *WARNING: SEXY*    

Catching Fire! (Page 2)

Words can not explain the awesomeness that is Jennifer Lawrence.  Try not to drool gentlemen.  

Where to Eat – Fast Food Edition

Do you struggle with what sort of fast food to eat when you go out? This will help you.

Time Waster – November 21, 2013

Whether you have too much time on your hands or not enough time, I think wasting a little bit won’t hurt.