Autocorrect Awesomeness

Just because it’s not what you wanted to say, doesn’t mean it wasn’t the best thing you could have said!        

Random Awesomeness – July 28, 2014

You deserve and awesome Monday and we are gonna make it happen! NOW!

Random Awesomeness – July 28, 2014 (2)

You might even forget it’s Monday by the time you are done with this gallery!

Monday Gif-Fest – July 28, 2014

Some great moving photos to help motivate you on yet another Monday at work.

Monday Gif-Fest – July 28, 2014 (2)

Monday is your day in the office. Everyone knows you can do your job in four days, so start tomorrow.  

Monday Funday

Start your work week with some classic funny photos from around the internet.        

Monday Funday (2)

You can get started working when you are done this gallery. Remember, you don’t have to, just saying you can!    

Friday Funnies

Enjoy some of the funniest pics from the web to help you pass some time.

Best of Seven – July 24, 2014

They asked for it, so judge away! Pick your favourite and next week let people vote for you. Send your selfie to [email protected]

Time Waster – July 24 ,2014

Yes it is that time and yes you should stop what you’re doing and check it out!