Monday Gif-Fest – August 11, 2014 (2)

This gallery sure beats working on a Monday doesn’t it? Remember you can check out past Gif-Fest and just keep wasting your Monday away.

Living the Dream

A gallery of 20 people who are truly living the dream!

Living the Dream (Page 2)

The only thing better than experiencing these moments would have to be the fact that someone got a picture of it happening!

Adult Shows as Children’s Books

Not only are these really creative, they actually look like they’d be educational for some children.

We Live Here!

Sometimes we take for granted just how beautiful a world we live in. Here’s some photos to help remind you how amazing our world really is.

We Live Here! (2)

We should really consider ourselves luck to share this planet with such incredible animals.

Random Awesomeness – August 8, 2014

You have survived the short work week and should start celebrating right now with this gallery!

Random Awesomeness – August 8, 2014 (2)

I hope your weekend will be just as awesome, or even more awesome, than this gallery!      

Best of Seven – August 7, 2014

You have the power to pick your favourite, so use it! That’s why people take selfies and remember, [email protected] to submit yours.

Time Waster – August 7, 2014

As if you have not wasted enough time already this week, now you can waste some more.