Time Waster – February, 13, 2014

Friday is so close you can taste it, so waste some time and it will come even faster.  

Time Waster – February, 13, 2014 (Page 2)

Remember to nod your head every now and then so your boss thinks you are working.  

15 Terrifying Face Swaps

Who knew how much joy we could all get from something as simple as swapping faces.  

Normal Celebrities

Have you ever wondered what celebrities would look like if they had normal lives and a normal amount of money?  

WTF Wednesday – February 12, 2014

Take a break and let the weird part of this world consume you for a bit.      

WTF Wednesday – February 12, 2014 (Page 2)


Star Wars Football League

A look at what football team logos might look like if they were named after Star Wars movie characters.

Mila Kunis Gif Party

What’s not to love about Mila Kunis? If you don’t love her, you will after this gallery. *Warning: Sexy/Language*  

Mila Kunis Gif Party (Page 2)

Don’t lie, you would have been furious if there wasn’t a page 2!    

Happy Birthday!

Our favourite ‘friend’ is 45 years old today! If you have a problem with Jennifer Aniston, I think it’s safe to assume that many people have a problem with you! *WARNING: SEXY*