Best of Seven – Valentines

Valentines day, also referred to as Singles Awareness Day, is getting closer. What are your plans for the day?

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TGIF Gifs – February 10, 2017

Today we find out just who is a good boy and more. untitled So this happened at my local university today untitled Winter Train Journey. untitled Worlds happiest dog untitled untitled untitled untitled

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TGIF Gifs – February 10, 2017 (2)

We also make some important discoveries…   untitled “What sorcery is this?” uuggyy Husky meets a cat for the first time Tilting Millennium Bridge in Newcastle, UK Golden retriever attack untitled fierce predator showing off hunting techniques untitled untitled


Friday Fails – February 10, 2017

Even the fire department couldn’t avoid making the list this week!


Friday Fails – February 10, 2017 (2)

“At least you tried…”


If dictionaries were honest

Dictionaries are usually good at explaining things, but when it comes to language that we can all relate to, they sometimes leave us high and dry. This Instagram account is here to be honest with us about what our favourite words really mean.


If dictionaries were honest (2)

HipDict is a croudsourced photo dictionary that publishes people’s alternate views on a whole host of terms, and even coins new words. Not only are they hilarious, they’re also shockingly accurate.


Rules simply don’t apply to these rebels

These people clearly don’t care about the rules.


Rules simply don’t apply to these rebels (2)

You need to ask yourself if you are this badass.


Weird Wednesday – February 8, 2017

Is it really all that weird? Or are people finding some new efficiencies?