If you could photograph your dreams, it might look something like this (2)

Though his craft of layering multiple photos is practiced by many, his unique take on photo manipulation pushes the limits of human imagination, and results in landscapes that look like your wildest dreams – or your most intense nightmares.

You had one job and completely botched it!

These people took their one job and messed it up royally.

You had one job and completely botched it! (2)

Amazing how some people can fail on such a huge level.

TGIF Gifs – May 19, 2017

Swing through some of the best gifs of the week! World’s highest rope swing. untitled I used my pineapple tool for the first time today, it also makes a cool cup at the end! Floating among whales untitled How to stop your little dog from escaping the garden untitled Offering a stray puppy some water […]

TGIF Gifs – May 19, 2017 (2)

Expensive mistakes you didn’t make at work this week and more! That looks expensive. untitled untitled Waking a Cat up with an Airhorn Getting that beach body ready untitled Helicone two special special girls untitled untitled

Friday Fails – May 19, 2017

“It’s not my fault! The bridge should’ve been higher!” – The truck driver, probably.

Friday Fails – May 19, 2017 (2)

Lessons in fire prevention and more…

Photographer shoots Formula 1 with 104-year-old camera

If ever there was a sport that required rapid fire photography, Formula One racing is it. Which makes what photographer Joshua Paul does even more fascinating, because instead of using top-of-the-range cameras to capture the fast-paced sport, Paul chooses to take his shots using a 104-year-old Graflex 4×5 view camera.

Photographer shoots Formula 1 with 104-year-old camera (2)

The photographer clearly has an incredible eye for detail, because unlike modern cameras that can take as many as 20 frames per second, his 1913 Graflex can only take 20 pictures in total. Because of this, every shot he takes has to be carefully thought about first, and this is clearly evident in this beautiful […]

Best of Seven – Short Shorts May 18, 2017

Shorts season is quicker falling upon us. Vote for your favourite pair of shorts below!