Monday Sports Gifs – January 15, 2018 (2)

Getting ready for the rest of the work week like: Skiing is fun Adriana Leon Ronaldinho gets the wrong card The way he rides up the steps Mascot having none of that! Some golfers are braver than others Kevin Durant gives his shoes to a young fan Weightlifter promised his wife to win an Olympic […]

Monday Eats! – January 15, 2018

“Eat! You must.” – Yoda (probably)

Monday Eats! – January 15, 2018 (2)

Eat while you work too!

Useless security features

Some of these weren’t planned all that well…

Useless security features (2)

Maybe it’s a trap!

In a perfect world

These should satisfy your inner-perfectionist.

In a perfect world (2)

TGIF Gifs – January 12, 2018

Slide into the weekend with TGIF Gifs! Corgi going down a slide and jumping into a pool Glassworker’s torch Throw the ball, please. Air Force pilots seem pretty chill Sunday plans. Cardboard Pinball Machine This Thinker Gyroscope Trick Come Fly With Me “I’m gonna sleep next to you.”

TGIF Gifs – January 12, 2018 (2)

Kicking the weekend off all like: The old man still got it. Flush Magnetic Door-stopper Shoveling the deck Slamming finger in car door while holding sleeping child. Underwater Kamehameha Cheese lover F-18 Hornets flying in formation in celebration of Finland’s 100 years of independence Beddy Bye Time She downed that bottle of white wine in […]

Friday Fails – January 12, 2018

Take a tumble through some epic fails!