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Monday Sports Gifs – February 20, 2017

Some epic kids and more in this weeks MSG!   This is what it's all about. Pond skip shot Balancing backflip Awesome Goalkeeper heals the shattered leg. Because you need to learn how to kick a giant in the face Edler has a go at Thickney Crosby The floor is lava How the Mississippi state […]

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Monday Sports Gifs – February 20, 2017 (2)

Can you keep up? 'Fastest' dog in the world Sarah Decker [gif] Unexpected bottle flips are the best bottle flips Surfer almost falls butt makes a quick recovery No room for error skiing Dodgeball Vs. Softball Pitcher keeping your eye on the ball Extreme golfing Candide Thovex doing a ski thingie. Insane BMX Trick


Best of Seven Milkshakes

Much like caesars, milkshakes have totally started getting out of control, and that’s not a bad thing! Vote for which one you’d like to take down below!


You don’t need these things but there’s no shame in wanting them

Don’t ever let anyone convince you that you can’t have what you want.


You don’t need these things but there’s no shame in wanting them (2)

Remember, NO shame. None at all…


Best of Seven Comedians

There are some pretty awesome comedians out there who’ve got some awesome material. Here’s just a small sample. Vote for your favourite!

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TGIF Gifs – February 17, 2017

This week we start out TGIF gifs with some uplifting news! Little Boy Celebrating Being Told That After Fighting a Brain Tumor All His Life, He is Finally Done With Chemotherapy. prettiest blind doggo in the snow untitled untitled Wrong Button Remote control buoy. Cool Teacher Just Dad Things… untitled I feel weird

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TGIF Gifs – February 17, 2017

Ride off into the weekend with this gallery! untitled Couldn’t wait until Monday Impressive AF Cat approved Haircut Nice shot Nap time! untitled Save of the year untitled untitled


Friday Fails – February 17, 2017

If you didn’t make it into this gallery, you had a good week.


Friday Fails – February 17, 2017 (2)

Watch out for that left turn, it’s a doozy…