Next level book dedications

There are some of the greatest book dedications ever written to prove that writers can tell a story even in a sentence or two!

Next level book dedications (2)

These dedications without a doubt get the audience interested in the title even before the actual story begins.

Funny pics of kids at weddings

Let’s be honest for a moment: weddings can get a little wearying. And these kids are going to let you know exactly how they feel…which is pretty much how many of us feel, except we’re not allowed to show it.

Funny pics of kids at weddings (2)

The only thing worse for kids having to sit through a wedding is getting dragged out to a wedding that also falls on Halloween

TGIF Gifs – September 22, 2017

Quite possibly the best TGIF Gifs ever! untitled Transforming Toys It’s exactly what it looks like Neat untitled untitled Wall of dominos. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ untitled MORE! Again Human!

TGIF Gifs – September 22, 2017 (2)

We told you it was the best! Best British invention ever Too slow untitled Arya’s stun double has moves How my week is going untitled untitled Very interesting street performance Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Neat

Friday Fails – September 22, 2017

Complicated solutions needed in today’s Friday Fails

Friday Fails – September 22, 2017 (2)

Don’t always do as you’re told

This is not okay!

You could call this a gallery of mildly infuriating things.

This is not okay! (2)

Contain your rage…