Best of Seven Office Farewell Cakes

Saying goodbye to your favorite co-worker is tough, but cake makes everything a little bit easier, and a lot more delicious. Vote for your favourite office farewell cake below!


The point of no return

It’s moments like these when you just have to sit back and brace for impact. Whether you like it or not…


The point of no return (2)

In that moment before disaster do you brace for impact or loosen up to absorb impact?


Best of Seven – One Liners

A little while back, some Redditors shared their favourite one liners. Vote for your favourite below!


TGIF Gifs – January 20, 2017

TGIF Gifs to be proud of! Making mother proud RED Family photography with a drone gone wrong Tfw you bring your sidechick to the game and the jumbotron puts you on blast FBI in Action Little pupper’s first bath, too cute Zoom To The Moon untitled Straight pole, curved hole A two for one special

TGIF Gifs – January 20, 2017 (2)

Today will be a good day! Good morning Imgur > Grandpa plays a virtual reality game Golden eagle enjoying a belly rub An attempt was made Popcorn Popping at 30,000 FPS got ‘em The Ford GT entering race mode untitled untitled


Friday Fails – January 20, 2017

Mostly poor decisions coupled with a little bit of bad luck make up this weeks Friday Fails.


Friday Fails – January 20, 2017 (2)

According to the dog, this is all the cats fault. In fact, this whole gallery of failure can probably be blamed on the cat, right?


Grandmas who are way more badass than you

Remember the stereotype that all grandmas are tiny and sweet, spending days baking cakes, playing Bingo and knitting? Well we’re here to prove that stereotype wrong.


Grandmas who are way more badass than you (2)

We’ve collected some of the best images proving that grandmas are strong, witty and just plain badass!