P Diddy engaged to Cassie Ventura

Diddy has proposed to his long-term girlfriend, Cassie Ventura. The rap mogul and businessman posted a picture of a huge diamond ring on Instagram over the weekend, which claim is his engagement ring for his girlfriend of seven years. Next to the picture of the huge rock he wrote: “Baby do you like it? […]


Skipping fan Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts carries a skipping rope everywhere she goes. The 'American Horror Story: Coven' star always exercises during down-time on-set, although she always keeps wipes handy in case she gets a sweaty face. Emptying the contents of her bag, she said: "I have a jump rope for exercising on location and Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Wipes […]


Cara Delevingne bored with modelling?

Cara Delevingne is bored with modelling. The 21-year-old beauty is wanting to abandon the catwalk in favor of a switch to Hollywood, and it is said she is keen to start focusing all her attention on an acting career. Speaking to the Sunday People newspaper: “Cara doesn’t want to model any more. She finds it […]


Jesse Eisenberg joins Batman/Superman

Jesse Eisenberg and Jeremy Irons have joined the cast of 'Batman/Superman'. 'The Social Network' star Eisenberg will play Supervillain Lex Luthor in the forthcoming movie, which will see Batman and Superman appear together in the same movie for the first time. Director Zack Snyder said: ''Lex Luthor is often considered the most notorious of Superman's […]


Back To The Future to become a musical

'Back To The Future' is being turned into a musical. A stage version of the hit 1985 movie – which starred Michael J. Fox as time-travelling teen Marty McFly – has been given the green light to debut in London's West End in 2015. Robert Zemeckis, who co-wrote and directed the original film, will team […]


Lindsay Lohan loses half a fur coat

Lindsay Lohan lost half of her $75,000 fur coat on Wednesday night (29.01.14). 'The Canyons' actress walked out of New York's 1Oak club with only one of the two pieces of her outer garment, and is now appealing for help getting it back. One she realized her mistake upon leaving the club around 1am, Lindsay, […]


Anna Kendrick: Katy Perry touched my breasts

Anna Kendrick claims Katy Perry touched her cleavage at the Grammy Awards. The 28-year-old actress has revealed the 'Unconditionally' hitmaker got a bit touchy-feeling at the award ceremony in Los Angeles last week by slotting her fingers in between her breasts. Speaking on the television talk show 'Conan', she said: "Katy Perry finger-banged my cleavage. […]


Rita Ora’s ‘shocking’ 50 Shades role

Rita Ora’s part in ’50 Shades of Grey’ will be “shocking”. The ‘R.I.P.’ singer has her first big-screen speaking part as lead character Christian Grey’s sister, Mia, in the hotly anticipated erotic thriller, and promises audiences they will be surprised by the content of the movie. She told MTV: “It’s gonna be the biggest and […]


Kim Kardashian to film wedding

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding will air on 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'. The 'Bound 2' rapper had been reluctant to have his nuptials filmed for the reality show, but his fiancée has managed to change his mind because it will be much "easier" for network E! – who shot Kim's 2011 wedding to […]


Ashley Benson has screen nudity rules

Ashley Benson will “never” strip on screen simply to titillate an audience. The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star is happy to appear naked in a movie or TV show if it is essential to the plot but she won’t flash her flesh just because a director wants to add nudity. Speaking to the latest US issue […]