Fast and Furious 8 confirmed

-+*Vin Diesel has confirmed there will be an eighth 'Fast and Furious' sequel. The franchise's latest instalment 'Furious 7' has smashed box office records, becoming the fastest film ever to make $1 billion at the box office and the movie's star has revealed the next in the series will be unveiled in 2017. He said: […]


Kate Upton ‘always’ body-shy

-+*Kate Upton is “always” body-shy. The ‘Sports Illustrated’ model may be known for her stunning figure but she has admitted she can find herself worrying about her insecurities. When asked if she has ever been body-shy, she said: “I always am! Well I am and I’m not at the same time. Every person has insecurities. […]


Russell Brand is celibate

-+*Russell Brand has given up sex. The lothario comedian – who was previously married to Katy Perry and has been romantically linked with stars including Kate Moss, Jemima Khan and Geri Halliwell – has confessed to having slept with over 1,000 women in the past and has been treated for sex addiction, but now claims […]


Mila Kunis accused of chicken theft

-+*Mila Kunis has been accused of stealing her childhood friend’s chicken. Kristina Karo has filed a lawsuit against her former pal – who she claims she was “inseparable” from during their first year at school in the Ukraine – in which she claims the ‘Black Swan’ actress was responsible for the disappearance of her beloved […]


Zayn Malik heading for movie career

-+*Zayn Malik is in talks to star in a movie. The 22-year-old singer – who quit One Direction last month to go solo – is now reportedly looking to try his hand at film making and has already entered into discussions with 'Bend It Like Beckham' director Gurinder Chadha. Gurinder, 55, told the Daily Mirror […]


Sandra Bullock – World’s Most Beautiful Woman

-+*Sandra Bullock has been named the World's Most Beautiful Woman by PEOPLE magazine. The 50-year-old actress thought it was "ridiculous" when she learned she had scooped the 2015 honor and didn't tell anyone. Sandra said: "I just said, 'That's ridiculous'. I've told no one." The Oscar-winning actress insisted that she thinks beauty comes from within, […]


Full House reboot?

-+*Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are in talks to appear in the reboot of ‘Full House’. John Stamos announced the 90s show’s return on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ last night (04.20.15), revealing it will be called ‘Fuller House’ and will be comprised of 13 episodes to be shown on Netflix in 2016. Although the multi-millionaire leaders of […]


Zooey doesn’t care what you think

-+*Zooey Deschanel isn't worried about what people think of her. The 'New Girl' star insists she isn't bothered how she is perceived as she feels people are making comments about her character in the FOX show, Jess Day. She said: "I don't really care what people think of me. I know that sounds crazy because […]


Bobbi Kristina Brown off life support

-+*Bobbi Kristina Brown has been taken off life support. The 22-year-old aspiring actress was placed in a medically-induced coma in January after she was found unresponsive in her bathtub – but her aunt Tina Brown says she is finally getting better. She posted on Facebook: "[Bobbi] woke up and is no longer on life support!!!!!:):)God […]


Bella Twins want Total Divas spin-off show

-+*The Bella Twins want their own ‘Total Divas’ spin-off TV show. WWE Divas Nikki and Brie Bella are two of the biggest stars of the E! series and they admit they would love to do a separate program which focuses on their lives with their family and their men, Brie’s husband Daniel Bryan and Nikki’s […]