Will Sasso’s “Arnold Schwarzenegger Driving”

Will Sasso’s “Arnold Schwarzenegger Driving”

I found this yesterday and I am upset it took me so long to finally watch it. This is how Vine should be used by more people. *Explicit Language*

Honest Trailers – Jaws

Honest Trailers – Jaws

Relive all your childhood summer nightmares with the monster movie that scared your pants off without actually showing much of the monster.


Hipster 2.0

Prepare yourself for the newest generation of hipsters who have already been sighted in some areas.


Hipster 2.0 (2)

There is nothing you can do to stop them. Hipsters are evolving and things will just keep getting weirder.

The secret is out

The secret is out

In this high-brow action movie trailer, a young woman treks through the brush to discover the greatest secret of our time!


Burning for you – SPF Zero

Think you’ve had a bad sunburn?  Check out some of these burning bodies.        


Burning for you – SPF Zero (2)

This gallery should serve as the only reminder you need this summer to wear sunscreen!        


Freaky Face Swaps

Some people with too much time on their hands have created these weird face swaps.


Freaky Face Swaps (2)

Some of these are so creepy they may keep you up all night. Sorry about that.

If you can’t spell it…try this

If you can’t spell it…try this

13 year old Jack Pasche made a small error and decided it was best to just keep going.