Perfect Timing

Timing is everything, so enjoy some great pictures captured at just the right moment!


Perfect Timing (2)

More incredible moments captured on camera at just the right time!

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Celebrity cry face

Enjoy a collection of awkward cry faces from some popular celebrities.

James Van Der Beek

Celebrity cry face (2)

We all cry from time to time, but lucky for us the camera is not usually rolling when we do it.

80s Hair - Feb 24 - -00

80s Hair

It’s almost unfortunate that no one is rocking these hair styles anymore.

80s Hair - Feb 24 - -10

80s Hair (2)

This gallery makes me want to bring back more than a few of these awesome hair styles. How about you?  


I do what I want

These people know what rules are but they don’t think following them is important.


I do what I want (2)

Rules were made to be broken and that’s just what these people are out to do.


Celebrity Mattresses?

Have you ever looked at an old mattress and thought it looked like someone famous?  Maybe it did…  


Funny Coincidences

Here is a collection of amazing and very funny coincidences.