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Friday Funnies

Get your Friday started with a gallery guaranteed to make you laugh.  

07 - Trouble Finding Her Seat

Kids Falling Over

If you click on this, you already know how funny this will be. If you don’t click on this, it’s your loss!  

20 - Instant Karma

Kids Falling Over (2)

I know some of you thinks it’s mean to laugh at this, but most of you don’t! We did it when we were kids you know and people laughed!  

13 - uhbkJXg

Sports Face

The worst part of Sports Face is that many athletes don’t even know they are suffering from it; however, the camera never lies.  


Celebrity Bobbleheads

Someone is out there enlarging the heads of celebrity photos and it actually looks quite cool!        


Celebrity Bobbleheads (2)

Looks like Hollywood does give the stars ‘big heads’.        

09 - SZ8A2c5

Restroom Signs

Everyone hates heading to the restroom to find stupid signs on the door, but these ones will make you laugh!

18 - oaVSLul

Restroom Signs (2)

Some of these are so funny people might pee before they even get through the door.    


Kids Will Be Kids

I wish we could all get away with half as much as we did when we were kids.


Old but Gold

You only live once and these people are old enough to do what they want.  Live it up! *WARNING: Explicit Language*