02 - WebkavR

Honest Graphs & Charts

As funny as these graphs may be, the funniest part is how true they are!  

21 - WyqcONa

Honest Graphs & Charts (2)

Was I right? After page one you probably don’t find these as funny as you do true.  


Vintage Easter Bunny

In an attempt to be cute, some old school Easter Bunnies were very creepy.      


Vintage Easter Bunny (2)

These are some photos that you would probably burn if they were yours.    


Hysterical Haircuts

One day we will look back on the haircuts in 2014 and laugh, but now it’s time to laugh at the haircuts from the 80s and 90s.    


Hysterical Haircuts (2)

I think it’s awesome how much these kids seems to love their hair. I bet they don’t love it as much today.  

18 - Falling child

Smile, you’re on google street view

Google Street View appears to be more entertaining than anyone ever imagined.  

Beyonce and Jay Z

Celebrity Faceswap

Ten more great celebrity faceswaps from Buzzfeed.com.                    


Disney Today

They start as child stars, but they grow up so fast!  

Real Simpsons

Real Life Simpsons

It’s just a matter of time before a real life Simpsons movies gets made. Looks like some of the characters are already waiting for it.