01 - USyRfXi

Perfect Moments

When taking a good picture, timing is everything! Here are some examples.

TheTango-No Cuddle-06222015-00

No Cuddles

These cats don’t want your cuddles so stop trying already!


Feline Park

Someone with way too much time on their hands has replaced all the dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park films with cats. It’s actually pretty awesome.


Feline Park (2)

This movie actually looks like it would be better than part two and three. Just my opinion.

09 - nHXc3kT

Photobombing animals

The art of photobombing is instinctual for animals as much as humans. They may even be better at it.


Get off your phone!

Some images that sum up how much smart phones are ruining our lives.


Get off your phone! (2)

Like it or not, this gallery is telling the truth and instead of laughing about it, shouldn’t we be trying to fix this?

04 - wiRhsZj

Creative or creepy?

This guy actually does a pretty good job of recreating famous female photos. What do you think, creative or creepy.


Fun with Statues

We’ve all thought we were pretty funny when we posed with a statue for a photo, but were you this funny?


Fun with Statues (2)

Doesn’t this gallery make you wish we had more fun statues around town to do this with?