Perfectly Timed Photos

A great photo is like a great joke, it’s all about the timing. Here are some very funny perfectly timed photos to help you over the hump.


Perfectly Timed Photos (2)

What some photographers might consider a failed photo considers them pure gold!


Perfectly Timed Photos (3)

Remember every photo is a good photo if are looking for the right things.


Disney Today

They start as child stars and then grow up so fast!  


Just the right angle

These photos are taken at just the right angle to mess with your head.  

02 - yFPWzuw

Budget Cosplay

This guy is the king of budget cosplay. Surprisingly, they are still pretty accurate.  

04 - gDjj3Qn

Hilarious Sandwich Thief

Just sit back and enjoy the hilarity. We all wish we had someone like this in the office.

Drunk or Yoga-03182015-04

Yoga or Drunk?

There was no shortage of parties to celebrate St. Patrick’s day and no shortage of party people who looked like they were trying to do yoga.


Hot and Not

These pretty girls are almost too comfortable sharing their ugly faces. *Warning: NOT SEXY*


Hot and Not (2)

This gallery is something you should take very seriously if you are into online dating.