Real Simpsons

Real Life Simpsons

-+*It’s just a matter of time before a real life Simpsons movies gets made. Looks like some of the characters are already waiting for it.  


Perfectly Timed Photos

-+*A great photo is like a great joke, it’s all about the timing. Here are some very funny perfectly timed photos to start your weekend.


Perfectly Timed Photos (2)

-+*What some photographers might consider a failed photo considers them pure gold!


Perfectly Timed Photos (3)

-+*Remember every photo is a good photo if are looking for the right things.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Celebrity cry face

-+*Enjoy a collection of awkward cry faces from some popular celebrities.

James Van Der Beek

Celebrity cry face (2)

-+*We all cry from time to time, but lucky for us the camera is not usually rolling when we do it.

08 - VXJZ8X5

Memory Lane

-+*Let’s take a trip together down memory lane!  

30 - u7SoDio

Memory Lane (2)

-+*So many great memories I wish this gallery never ended.


Only in Canada!

-+*A gallery to remind us all how awesome it is to live in this great country! You gotta live here to get it.    


Only in Canada! (2)

-+*I couldn’t be more proud to call this great country home, and this gallery only reaffirms that!