07 - L7nAARs

Proper Names

Have you ever thought that some things should be named differently. Here’s a few we can all agree on.


That One Second

Sometimes there is only one second of perfection in everything we do. Here is that second caught on camera.


Autocorrect Awesomeness

Just because it’s not what you wanted to say, doesn’t mean it wasn’t the best thing you could have said!        


Monday Funday

Start your work week with some classic funny photos from around the internet.        


Monday Funday (2)

You can get started working when you are done this gallery. Remember, you don’t have to, just saying you can!    

75 She Loves Collage

Friday Funnies

Enjoy some of the funniest pics from the web to help you pass some time.

5 - k4kAn91

I’m Stuck Mom!

Remember as kid when you thought you could fit anywhere? We all did it, and we were all wrong.

02 - 48kV95u

Ice Cream!

It’s been another hot week, so beat the heat with a gallery of people and animals just eating ice cream. Then go get some for you!

14 - 5r0mLDS

Ice Cream! (2)

I can only imagine how much you want some ice cream right now. You should totally get some.


So, these exist!

Every now and then you see something that makes you say, “That actually exists?” These are a few of those things. Click here for a video of more crazy things that really exist>>