Best of Seven – April 16, 2015

-+*Seven selfie superstars want you to vote for them, but you can only choose one. Who will it be?

1 - oLd3poz

Pinned up!

-+*It’s a beautiful blast from the past as Kristen Bell looks incredible in this pinup gallery.

Selfie Saturday-Feb28-09

Selfie Saturday – February 28, 2015

-+*Saturday is a great day to share your selfies with the world. Send your selfies to [email protected]


Tattuesday – Ladies in Red

-+*Some incredible photographs capturing some lovely redheads and tattoos. *WARNING: SEXY*


Behind the Scenes

-+*Check out what you didn’t see at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show this year with these behind the scene shots from Instagram. *Warning: SEXY*


Hot Shot or Mug Shot?

-+*It’s hard to imagine these beautiful women did anything wrong when you look at their mug shots.    


Available Again?

-+*With Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger’s marriage allegedly on the rocks, (click here for the story) here’s a gallery to celebrate all the awesomeness that is Canada’s own Avril Lavigne.

14 - eXlucJS

Anna Kendricks

-+*A gallery devoted to the lovely and talented Anna Kendrick because I’ve never heard anyone say, “I really don’t like that Anna Kendricks!”


Get Fit Friday

-+*Are you ready for bikini season? This gallery will make you think twice about your answer and maybe even motivate you! *WARNING: SEXY*

No Rain

Forget the Rain!

-+*Forget about the rain, here is a gallery of 10 things you can look forward to doing at the beach this summer. #1 – Boating #2 – Playing Frisbee #3 – Drinking #4 – Bikinis #5 – Wind Surfing