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Happy Animals

If this gallery doesn’t cheer you up, nothing will.

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Albino Animals

All white (almost), all awesome! Albino wildlife is everywhere!

TheTango-No Cuddle-06222015-00

No Cuddles

These cats don’t want your cuddles so stop trying already!

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Photobombing animals

The art of photobombing is instinctual for animals as much as humans. They may even be better at it.

Best Animal Face Swap

Animal face swaps

These are so well done you almost believe the photos are real…or are they?    


Let me in!

A collection of pets who have had enough fresh air and really want to be let back in.


Let me in! (2)

When your pet wants to come in, they do a great job of letting you know about it.


13 Crazy Cats

These cats are crazy.  Not just crazy, completely crazy so don’t mess with them!    


Concerned Kitten

A sweet cat that has been named Gary was born just eight weeks ago. He was born with unique markings that are just above his eyes, and he has become an online sensation as the “concerned kitten.”

Naked Mole Rat

Real or Fake Animals?

Personally, I didn’t know about these animals, did you!? You can vote Real or Fake after page 2!