Do a little Derp

When your camera catches your pet in the wrong moment it quickly becomes the perfect moment when you see the photo.

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Please Help!

Cat’s are notorious for their attitude, but it’s sweet karma when they need our help!  


Aww Baby!

A collection of adorable baby animals. You’re welcome!  

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Puppy Love

This toddler takes a nap with his puppy every day and it’s adorable.  

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Animals vs. Kids

A great collection of the ongoing rivalry between animals and kids as they battle for your attention.  

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Animals vs. Kids (2)

After page one it really looks like the animals are winning this ongoing war, but that doesn’t mean it’s gonna end.  

Scared Cat

Scaredy Cats

Who knew it was so easy to startle a cat?  

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Scaredy Cats (2)

Does it count as one of their nine lives if a cat gets scared to death?  

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Small World

This little hamster is living the dream in his own small world.


Animals Jumping

An adorable gallery of some cute animals trying their best, but not all of them succeeding.