Okay, they are not really lapdogs but don’t tell them that!


Funny Animal Gifs

Animals are crazy and that’s why we love them!  Here’s some awesome animal gifs to help you through your Monday!  

I just can't stop myself with cat gifs today!! D - Imgur

Funny Cat Gifs

These cats are cute and crazy!      

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Animals are Awesome

A collection of animals acting awesome in every single way!

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Animals are Awesome (2)

If you haven’t been completely overwhelmed with cuteness (yeah, I said cuteness) then here’s some more awesome animals.

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Derpy Dogs

They are so cute, so lovable and sometimes they are so funny looking! What’s not to love?

18 - HDVXxLn

Derpy Dogs (2)

I wonder if they would still want to be our best friends if they knew we were laughing at them from time to time!?


Very Cute Pets

Wasting some time is a whole lot more fun when you are saying, “Awwwww!” the whole time!    


Very Cute Pets (2)

…even more adorable pets to help you waste some time.        

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Lick it up!

10 cute animals with their tongues sticking out is the perfect way to start your Canada Day!