Awesome T-shirts

Here is a collection of T-shirts you will want to have for the upcoming summer season.


Awesome T-shirts (2)

Enough with the plain t-shirts, it’s time to take our clothing to the next level.

crazy good 2

Make it happen

Here are some crazy good ideas that will make you wonder why on earth we haven’t done these things yet.


Spring Break 2015

So you couldn’t get time off to go away for spring break to party and want to know what you are missing? Here is a look at spring break 2015 so far from Florida and Mexico.



Check out some incredibly useful items you will wish you owned.    

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Useful/Useless (2)

Now for some very cool looking, but useless items. I’m pretty sure these aren’t real, but it is 2014 and you never know.      

01 - jUwbLgY

Awesome Cosplay

Now this is what you wanna see when it comes to cosplay!  



Here are 13 pictures that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Go-Pro Gold-03172015-01

Go-Pro Gold

The go-Pro camera really can  go anywhere you can which makes for some epic pics.

Fearless Photography-03122015-18

Fearless Photographers put together a great gallery that proves whether it’s laying down on the concrete, going chest-deep in swamp water, or jumping out of an airplane some photographers are willing to do whatever it takes to get that “perfect” shot.