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Advertising done right

If the key to good advertising is originality then I think it’s safe to say these are some of the best ads ever!    

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Photoshop Wizard

This guy uses photoshop to make very cool images of himself.


Impressive Eyebrows

Emilia Clarke has some incredible control over her eyebrows and it’s kind of hot!  


Hyperrealistic Body Paintings

Now this is some incredible talent. Bet you haven’t seen anything like this gallery from Tokyo-based artist Hikaru Cho!  

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Perfectly Timed

A collection of perfectly timed photos and gifs that will make you laugh.  

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Perfectly Timed (2)

You can’t just glance at these or you will miss it.  You have to look closely.  

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They were born When?

Ever look at a famous person and think they are much younger or older than they look? These are those people.

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They were born When? (2)

Have you been right about any of these ages yet? Try again on this page.

Bacon Everything02162015-17

Bacon Everything

A gallery for all you bacon lovers. What’s not to like about bacon? It’s bacon!

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Lip Bite

There is something about the ol’ lip bite that just makes everything right. I mean EVERYTHING!