Clean and clear

Check out some of the cleanest and clearest waters in the world.


Clean and clear (2)

This gallery kind of makes you wish you were somewhere other than work right now, doesn’t it?

11 - 5I4B2jV

Faith in humanity restored

A feel good gallery that will make you happy and proud to be a part of this wonderful world.    

23 - WvUDfTS

Faith in humanity restored (2)

Kindness is the one gift that costs us nothing to give.  


Perfect timing

These photos couldn’t be timed more perfectly.


Perfect timing (2)

These people were in the right place at the right time.


Satisfy your OCD

Here are 20 perfect pictures that will satisfy anyone’s OCD.


Satisfy your OCD (2)

There is something about all this perfection that just makes you smile.


Step it up!

This might be some of the best staircase art you will ever see.

16 - Morlaix France

Step it up! (2)

I bet you can’t stop staring at these awesome stairs!?