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Some incredible, yet simple inventions you are guaranteed to want. Only question is, where do you buy these things?


Artsy Fartsy – July 22, 2014

Start your day by being amazed with the creativity and artistic talents of others.

kid art

Recreated Artwork

Telmo Pieper, a Dutch street and mural artist, revisited his childhood by creating awesome digital paintings called “Kiddie Arts” that reinterpret his childhood drawings.

Pizza Cone

Pizza Pizza!

Tired of eating pizza the same old boring way every time? Here are 22 different ways you can enjoy your next one.

Pizza Nachos

Pizza Pizza! (2)

I bet by the time you get to the end of this gallery you are going to eat a pizza. The question is, in what form?


Extreme Sports

This gallery will change your definition of extreme sports! These people take it to a whole new level, so buckle up!


The Worlds Most Expenseive Food

You might be surprised just how expensive some of the finest foods from around world really are. Wow!  


Expressing your self(ie)

This is one talented doodler who really knows how to express her self(ie).

01 - Phmnmj8

Better with age

Remember when your favourite actors where young and cute? They may not be young anymore, but these stars sure got better with age.


Did you know? Celebrity Edition

Get ready to have your mind blown by these celebrity facts you probably didn’t know.