Cosplay perfection

If you are going to dress as your favourite television of movie characters, make sure you do it right like these people. This is perfection.


Cosplay perfection (2)

These people must have spent just as much money as they did time on these wicked costumes.

08 - MnZWbfk

Famous Flashback

Before they were big stars they were starving artists. They were also a lot younger.    


Awesome Illusion

There are lots of illusions on the internet that claim to be the best, but this one might actually be.


Living on the Edge

This daredevil couple knows how to live on the edge. Literally!

05 - 7RDDO3T

Billboard Brilliance

If ever you need to advertise on a billboard, you should do it much like this!

2 - hPbfE0D

Bus Boredom

When boredom and talent combine it looks something like this!  


Creative Packaging

When it comes to marketing, these companies are doing it right!


Creative Packaging (2)

Even if you didn’t need some of these products you would be tempted to buy them just for the packaging.  


Forced perspective

Even though you know these photos are not what they look like, your brain still wants to argue with you.