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Perfectly Timed

A collection of perfectly timed photos and gifs that will make you laugh.  

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Perfectly Timed (2)

You can’t just glance at these or you will miss it.  You have to look closely.  


Guns replaced with selfie sticks

Check out these hilarious photos of guns replaced with selfie sticks in classic films.


Guns replaced with selfie sticks (2)

Selfie sticks sure are glamorous weapons.

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Fearless Photographers

iso.500px.com put together a great gallery that proves whether it’s laying down on the concrete, going chest-deep in swamp water, or jumping out of an airplane some photographers are willing to do whatever it takes to get that “perfect” shot.

Fearless Photography-03122015-13

Fearless Photographers (2)

What would you do to get the perfect picture? Would it be anything as daring as these photographers?


Cage of Thrones

A person with incredible talent and an incredible amount of time on their hands has Photoshopped Nic Cage on the Game of Thrones characters and it’s just as awesome as you would expect.


Cage of Thrones (2)

Who wouldn’t watch this show if Nic Cage played everyone?


Awesome rooms in awesome houses

After many hours of searching for interior and exterior design epic-ness we bring you the best of the bad ass things rich people do to their houses.


Awesome rooms in awesome houses (2)

Oh the things you could do to your house… if you won the lottery.