Smiles vs. Eyes

It’s hard to pick a favourite, but we want you to! What’s your favourite in this gallery, the eyes or the smiles?  


Smiles vs. Eyes (2)

Don’t forget to vote at the end of this page for smiles or eyes.  


Lingerie Fighting Championship?

It looks like they will put anything on Pay Per View these days. Would you watch Lingerie Fight Championship?  

4 - pvbPqWj

Tight it Right

If you are not a fan of tight clothes then you won’t like this galley. *WARNING: SEXY*  


Gorgeous in Green

TheTango.net is celebrating St. Patrick’s day by appreciating just how gorgeous the colour green really is! *WARNING: SEXY*  


Beauty and the Beach

Here’s a gallery featuring 2 of the 3 most important ‘B’ words of summer; bikini’s and beaches.  The only thing missing is BEER! *WARNING: SEXY*


Beauty and the Beach (Page 2)

One more gallery filled with bikini’s and beaches to help you over this weeks hump! You’re Welcome!  *WARNING: SEXY*


Norwegian Barbie

It appears as if Barbie is making a comeback, but not the way you would think. Women are trying to look just like her and Sofie Karlstad from Norway sure is doing it right! *WARNING: SEXY*   =========================================


Hula Hoops and Yoga Pants

Not only does Hula Hoops and Yoga Pants sound like a great band name, it’s also an awesome gallery! *Warning: SEXY*      

2 - xov8S1M

Tattuesday – Kemper Fi

Take a moment to appreciate the beautiful body art on Kemper Fi.