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Anna Kendricks

A gallery devoted to the lovely and talented Anna Kendrick because I’ve never heard anyone say, “I really don’t like that Anna Kendricks!”


Get Fit Friday

Are you ready for bikini season? This gallery will make you think twice about your answer and maybe even motivate you! *WARNING: SEXY*

No Rain

Forget the Rain!

Forget about the rain, here is a gallery of 10 things you can look forward to doing at the beach this summer. #1 – Boating #2 – Playing Frisbee #3 – Drinking #4 – Bikinis #5 – Wind Surfing      


Forget the Rain! (Page 2)

#6 – Beach Volleyball # 7 – Swimming #8 – Wakeboarding #9 – Tanning #10 – Just hanging out!!!        

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Pinned up!

It’s a beautiful blast from the past as Kristen Bell looks incredible in this pinup gallery.


Smiles vs. Eyes

It’s hard to pick a favourite, but we want you to! What’s your favourite in this gallery, the eyes or the smiles?  


Smiles vs. Eyes (2)

Don’t forget to vote at the end of this page for smiles or eyes.  


Lingerie Fighting Championship?

It looks like they will put anything on Pay Per View these days. Would you watch Lingerie Fight Championship?  

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Tight it Right

If you are not a fan of tight clothes then you won’t like this galley. *WARNING: SEXY*  


Gorgeous in Green

TheTango.net is celebrating St. Patrick’s day by appreciating just how gorgeous the colour green really is! *WARNING: SEXY*