01 - xDuaQas

Derp Zoo

Everybody derps, even animals. This is actually a zoo people might go to.

Enemy cat

Enemy cat

This kitten is evidently not a fan of strangers in the house, and she knows a few kung fu moves to put some fear into the ceramic cat.

Overwhelming joy

Overwhelming joy

This dog actually passes out from overwhelming joy. Don’t worry, it’s adorable.



Okay, they are not really lapdogs but don’t tell them that!


Funny Animal Gifs

Animals are crazy and that’s why we love them!  Here’s some awesome animal gifs to help you through your Monday!  

I just can't stop myself with cat gifs today!! D - Imgur

Funny Cat Gifs

These cats are cute and crazy!      


Nine Lives – Teaser

If you love cats this might just be the movie for you.

“You Shall Not Pass” Cat

“You Shall Not Pass” Cat

This “You Shall Not Pass” cat intimidates one of the family dogs who is too afraid to try to get by!

05 - plJT9Is

Animals are Awesome

A collection of animals acting awesome in every single way!

14 - I9slAT2

Animals are Awesome (2)

If you haven’t been completely overwhelmed with cuteness (yeah, I said cuteness) then here’s some more awesome animals.