Dog loves the hot tub!

Dog loves the hot tub!

Can you blame this little guy for loving the hot tub so much? Talk about a spoiled dog.

“I’m never going into the ocean again”

“I’m never going into the ocean again”

After seeing footage of a massive shark I agree with this announcers comments 100%.

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Animals are Awesome

A collection of animals acting awesome in every single way!

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Animals are Awesome (2)

If you haven’t been completely overwhelmed with cuteness (yeah, I said cuteness) then here’s some more awesome animals.

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Derpy Dogs

They are so cute, so lovable and sometimes they are so funny looking! What’s not to love?

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Derpy Dogs (2)

I wonder if they would still want to be our best friends if they knew we were laughing at them from time to time!?

Raccoon attack

Raccoon attack

This raccoon is not all that vicious to be honest. Almost makes me want one.

TheTango-So Tired-08262015-05

Nap Time

A collection of animals that have have had enough and need a nap.

TheTango-So Tired-09132003-12

Nap Time (2)

When you are this tired, anywhere is a good place for a nap.

Autotuned Cows

Autotuned Cows

Some person with too much time on their hands went ahead and autotuned cows. Here’s the final result.