Meow Mix goes Pop

Meow Mix goes Pop

The Meow Mix jingle has gone pop! Check out the latest remix by The Shelines and dance along with these independent ladies.

Cat vs. Alligator

Cat vs. Alligator

This is the most brave yet stupid cat I have ever seen.

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Here are 10 of the most adorable kittens I could find on the internet.  

Cats vs Dogs: Which Pet Is Better?

Cats vs Dogs: Which Pet Is Better?

Are you dog person or cat person?


Everyone loves baby animals

How do you not love HD photos of baby animals?  

Record Breaking Guinea Pig Jump

Record Breaking Guinea Pig Jump

World record 26 inch (66 centimeter) guinea pig jump. Made by Piglet the guinea pig on April 3rd, 2015


For the Dog Owners

Owning a dog comes with so many ups and downs. Here’s a few that every dog owner will love and even if you don’t own a dog you will laugh.


For the Dog Owners (2)

They might only be a part of our life, but to them we are their everything.  


Silly Cats

We love them because they are lovable, caring and silly.  Let’s enjoy their silly side today.  


Silly Cats (Page 2)

Hard to believe they have so much attitude all the time. This should be a humbling gallery if they could see it.