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Unrelated Doppelgangers

Have you met your doppelganger yet? These people have.  

John Candy

Famous Last Photos

A collection of last known photos of some very famous people.

Heath Ledger

Famous Last Photos (2)

They are gone but never forgotten thanks to these and many other great photos.


Slow-Mo ‘Shots’

10 incredible photos of things getting shot in slow motion.


Next Level Drinking

Up your drinking game this weekend with these awesome inventions


Guy Recreates Tinder Photos

This guy is at it again recreating photos girls have on their Tinder accounts, and it’s awesome.  

Creative logo designed from different parts of the number eight

Cool logos with hidden symbols

Did you know all these companies have hidden objects and symbols in their logos?

Creative logo designed for a Dutch financial advice company

Cool logos with hidden symbols (2)

Personally I am surprised I didn’t know about more of these. They seem so obvious now, but I never noticed them before.


Game Changing Inventions

Just when you thought everything had already been invented.

Spree Park- Berlin Germany

Abandoned Places

A gallery of 20 cool abandoned places around the world.