Paintings done using google maps

They call it “digital painting”, and it is beautiful.  


Hyper Realism with Colour Pencils

Christina Papagianni is one talented woman.  

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Unrelated Doppelgangers

Have you met your doppelganger yet? These people have.  


Slow-Mo ‘Shots’

10 incredible photos of things getting shot in slow motion.

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Photos Behind Iconic Paintings

Bet you’ve never seen these photos that inspired Norman Rockwell’s iconic paintings. If you have, you won’t mind seeing them again!

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Get Wet!

This dude has an incredible talent of drawing wetness. Yes, these are all drawn and painted by hand.

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Mouthful of Makeup

A gallery that gives a whole new meaning to being ‘lippy’.

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Moving Movie Posters

I wish this is how all movie posters looked.


The Best Robin Williams Quotes

There is no doubt the world lost a special man in Robin Williams. May his work and words continue to inspire and encourage many more generations.

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Adult Shows as Children’s Books

Not only are these really creative, they actually look like they’d be educational for some children.