Abigail Breslin

Then and Now – Child Stars

A look at some of your favourite child stars from when they started to where they are now.

Jonathan Lipnicki

Then and Now – Child Stars (2)

It’s nice to see that not all of these child stars were ruined by their fame.


Behind the scenes

A sneak peak of how they make everything look so real on the big screen.


Behind the scenes (2)

It’s a good thing these films bring in so much money because the filming looks expensive.


Classic Celebrity Photos

So we dug these up for you. Can you guess who they all are?        


Classic Celebrity Photos (2)

…more classic photos of some of your favourite celebrities.      


Dream Designs

10 incredibly well designed rooms or homes you wish you lived in.

03 - 0kGjn0V

Sushi Art

This sushi looks so good you probably wouldn’t even want to eat it.

20 - tmv5ism

Sushi Art (2)

Sushi as we know it is already artistic, but this is taking it to a whole new level!

10 - iYvGoSy


This might be one of the most creative galleries you will ever see. This guy is awesome!