Spree Park- Berlin Germany

Abandoned Places

A gallery of 20 cool abandoned places around the world.                      

City Hall Subway Station- New York City

Abandoned Places (2)

Some of these places look like they’d be more fun to visit now that they are abandoned.                    


Skateboard Furniture and More

Done with your old skateboard, don’t you dare throw it out.  These are some great ways to reuse it!  


Awesome Lighter Bike

Someone clearly had too much time on their hands when they came up with this, but it is pretty cool!

05 - 1tYWYmZ

Terrifying Makeup

If you know someone who can make you look like this on Halloween, you are lucky!

18 - KHh8qBm

Terrifying Makeup (2)

I’m not sure how long it would take to do this kind of work, but it would be worth the wait!


100% Awesome

A gallery with no filler just awesomeness!


100% Awesome (2)

This gallery exists to make you feel nothing but awesome.  Enjoy!  

01 - 3TtyBCJ

Too perfect to eat

Cupcakes that look better than they probably taste.    


Vintage to Modern

Don’t throw out your junk, turn it into something useful like these people did.