Fleetwood Mac off the road for good, according to Christine McVie

by WENN February 8th, 2021, 1:24 pm


A future Fleetwood Mac tour is close to "impossible", according to Christine McVie, because bandmates Stevie Nicks and John McVie have made it clear they aren't interested.

Asked about a return to the road after the COVID crisis is over, during a new BBC Radio Two interview, Christine also admitted she feels that she's too old for a big trek too.

"If we do (tour again), it would be without John and without Stevie, I think," she said. "I think I'm getting a bit too old for it now – especially having had a year off. I don't know if I could get myself back into it again.

"I know Mick (Fleetwood) would do it in a lightning strike, but I couldn't possibly say… We're certainly not touring this year either."

Asked to clarify her comments about former husband John, she adds, "He's feeling a little bit frail. He was ill. He's fine but he just hasn't got the heart for it anymore. He wants to get on his boat. You reach a certain age where you go, 'Hey, I'm not gonna bust a gut doing this anymore'.

"It all looks very nice when you come and see the show, but the work that goes behind it to get to that point is unbelievable."

Nicks has yet to confirm her Fleetwood Mac touring days are over.