Neil Young to release lost album

by WENN February 2nd, 2021, 1:45 pm


Neil Young is set to release lost album Johnny's Island.

The music legend recorded the tracks at Honolulu's Commercial Recorders studio in Hawaii, during the same sessions for his 1982 LP Trans.

The collection was previously called Island In The Sun and some of the songs made at the time, such as Like An Inca, Hold On To Your Love, and Little Thing Called Love, ended up on Trans.

But now the record will be released in all its glory via the Neil Young Archives "soon".

Neil announced on his website for the project: "Johnny's Island a complete album now being prepared for release at NYA, includes a majority of unreleased tracks including Big Pearl, Island In The Sun, and Love Hotel, plus others you may have heard before. It's a beautiful record coming to you soon."