Gigi Hadid found out she was pregnant on the eve of Tom Ford show

by WENN January 19th, 2021, 4:00 am


Gigi Hadid discovered she was pregnant the day before she walked the runway at a Tom Ford show in February, 2020.

The 25 year old became a first-time mom in September¬†and now reveals the moment she found out she was expecting boyfriend Zayn Malik’s kid.

Asked by a fan on Twitter if she knew she was pregnant when she walked for designer Simon Porte Jacquemus in January, 2020, the model replied: “Yes, I found out the day before the Tom Ford show.

“I was so nauseous backstage but I learned I could kinda control it if I continuously ate, so my mom would pack me snacks before each show. Bless.”

And talking about her pregnancy cravings, Gigi added: “It went it (sic) waves. Everything bagels/extra cream cheese… triple chunk brownies for breakfast – sourdough toast & tomato olive oil salad w (with) lots of salt and pepper lol (laugh out loud)… and Z’s ribs w fries… Also arugula salads!!!”

And Gigi reveals she really struggled as a mom-to-be during fashion month in Europe, where it was “hard to find bagels”, adding: “Backstage at Burberry was the hardest day with the nausea, I remember.”