Justin Timberlake’s Palmer co-star had no idea who pop superstar was

by WENN January 14th, 2021, 1:10 pm


Justin Timberlake’s eight-year-old co-star wasn’t nervous about working with the pop superstar in new movie Palmer, because he had “no idea” who he was.

Child actor Ryder Allen admits he had to do a little research about his castmate because he’s too young to know anything about Timberlake’s career as a pop icon.

“At first, I had no idea who Justin Timberlake was,” Allen confessed during a joint interview on U.S. breakfast show Today, as the singer-turned-actor quipped, “You’re aging me!”

Palmer stars Timberlake as a fallen former college football star who returns to his hometown after serving time in prison, and forms an unlikely bond with a kid named Sam, played by Allen.

And although the youngster was previously unaware of Timberlake’s superstardom, he learned a lot from his “best movie friend”.

“It was amazing working with Justin, obviously,” Allen said. “One of the best parts about working with Justin is the experience that I got with him. All the notes, all the jokes, all the, just experience, including a day-to-day friendship between us… He’s my best friend, (my) best movie friend.”

Palmer is set for release on AppleTV+ on 29 January.