Nicolas Cage quit gambling after $20,000 winning streak

by WENN October 23rd, 2020, 4:00 am


Generous Nicolas Cage quit gambling after winning $20,000 and handing the cash over to an orphanage.

The actor, who lives in gambling capital Las Vegas, insists he has never been hooked on winning other people’s money even though he got really lucky at a casino in the Bahamas.

“The last time I gambled was about 30 years ago,” Cage shared in a new Interview Magazine chat with Marilyn Manson. “I was in the Bahamas and I walked into a casino and felt like I had my mojo with me, like nothing could go wrong.”

Cage went on to tell the remarkable story of how he quickly turned $200 into $20,000 – and then took his earnings to a local orphanage.

He added, “In 20 minutes I turned $200 into $20,000, so I went and found an orphanage in the Bahamas, met all the kids and the headmistress, and said, ‘This is for you’. I put the 20 grand in her hand, walked away, and never gambled again, because if I did, it would ruin the power of that moment.”