Liam Neeson’s height cost him The Princess Bride role

by WENN October 14th, 2020, 4:00 am


Liam Neeson missed out on a role in cult family film The Princess Bride because he wasn’t tall enough.

The star auditioned for the part of the giant Fezzik in the 1987 production, but director Rob Reiner insisted he wasn’t tall enough to play the character.

“I was quite nervous because I knew this was a big film…,” the Taken star recalled on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “I had met the casting directors in L.A., so I go into the office in London, and Rob Reiner looked at me and said, ‘He’s not a giant. What height are you?’

“I said, ‘Six foot four’. He said, ‘That’s tall (but) he’s not a giant’.”

The filmmaker went on to cast late professional wrestler Andre the Giant.

Neeson admitted that he vowed to scold Reiner for being rude to him as his acting career took off, but he has since forgiven the filmmaker.