Chace Crawford turned down opportunity to become a Chippendales dancer

by WENN September 22nd, 2020, 12:40 pm


Chace Crawford politely turned down an offer to become a Chippendales dancer after being approached with the opportunity while working out.

The 35-year-old Gossip Girl actor shared the story during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday while promoting the second season of his Amazon Prime Video series The Boys.

"Blake Lively actually loves this story. I've never gotten to fully tell it," the star, known for his ripped physique, began. "So yes, I did turn (Chippendales) down.

"I lived in New York. It's cold, I liked to work out in the gym in my building and usually no one's ever up there, except this one guy, he'd always be up there."

According to Chace, the guy was the type of man that would wear "cologne" and "tight clothes" to the gym and thought he was a trainer – but it soon transpired he didn't just want to train with the actor.

"He comes up to me one day, a bit of a close talk, super nice by the way, but he's like, "Are you like a model-type? Are you a model?' And I'm like, "I'm kinda like a workout alone, no conversation type'," Chace said, adding, "I'm teasing. He was very nice.

"He asked me for some headshots, which I, you know, usually carry to the gym, but didn't have them that day," he joked. "He goes, "I do this bootcamp. Would you like to try out for Chippendales?'"

However, The Covenant star added he politely turned down the offer, admitting he's glad his "plan B" worked out well.