Russell Crowe’s sons chose to stay with mom over him due to takeout delivery availability

by WENN July 31st, 2020, 1:45 pm


Russell Crowe's sons have chosen to stay with their mother in Sydney during the coronavirus pandemic, because takeout delivery is more readily available there.

The Gladiator star shares Charles, 16, and 14-year-old Tennyson with his ex-wife Danielle Spencer. But while Russell is in lockdown in the country of Nana Glen, New South Wales, his boys have opted to stay in the more urban landscape of Sydney – mainly because their favorite foods are nearby.

"When I asked the boys, they said they will choose Uber Eats over my paternal care. I wasn't too impressed about that," Russell admitted during an interview on Australian TV show Sunrise. "My boys live with their mom, and they're pretty settled there."

Meanwhile, Russell has decided to stay in Nana Glen to be close to his own parents, Jocelyn and John.

Revealing his reasons for doing so in a previous interview with U.S. TV program Extra, the 56-year-old actor explained: "I'm isolating in isolation. I'm in the bush. I decided to be here because my mom and dad are pretty old. Now, my dad's 84 and my mom's 79. And they're suffering from the things that people get at that age, you know, early onset this and that, you know, so it was just a better thing for me to do to decide to be where they were. Because, you know, my kids are in Sydney… it was a good decision for me to be happy with my mom and dad."