Reggae star Shaggy working on Christmas album

by WENN June 30th, 2020, 10:03 am


Shaggy is working on an album of Christmas carols.

The Boombastic singer, real name Orville Burrell, revealed on the How To Kill An Hour podcast he's planning on dropping his first-ever festive single later this year – and he confirmed the track will be part of a Holiday-themed collection.

"I've just started a new project," he shared "I'm doing this Christmas carol album so I'm trying to do songs with Christmas stuff. Last night one of the lines we came up with was, "I don't want no icy Christmas, the only ice I want to see is in my cup with some rum'."

Explaining the record will have a distinct Jamaican theme, he went on to share: "It's creating a Caribbean-style Christmas vibe 'cause the only Christmas I know is in Jamaica.

"If you've ever been to Jamaica at Christmas it's the most fun you can have," the It Wasn't Me star added. "In America or Europe Christmas is about a jacket and it's cold and there's snow. I'm not from that culture. I'm from a culture where there's beach, rum and weed.

"I don't see why Christmas should be any different."

A release date for the new track has yet to be announced.