Carrie Underwood: ‘Miscarriages were bad things that happen to other people until I had three’

by WENN June 4th, 2020, 3:19 pm


Carrie Underwood was "mad" at God after suffering three miscarriages.

The country superstar and her husband, retired ice hockey player Mike Fisher, became a family-of-four with the arrival of baby Jacob, a little brother for their five-year-old boy Isaiah, but their journey to parenthood the second time around was filled with heartache as Carrie endured three devastating losses along the way.

The couple has opened up about the personal troubles in Mike and Carrie: God & Country, a new four-part series for the I Am Second faith-based organization.

"It sounds wrong when you say it, but, it's one of those 'bad things that happen to other people,' you know what I mean?" she emotionally shared in the second episode of the web series. "It's not something that you ever envision yourself having to deal with."

Carrie and Mike tried again, but months into the pregnancy the Cry Pretty star had a second miscarriage, after which she claimed her husband had an intuition and told her that they were going to have another boy and his name was going to be Jacob.

"I was frustrated, we had two miscarriages," Fisher stated, explaining that he had a sense that God told him they would have another son. "I was just wrestling and probably the most honest I'd been with God. And I heard, not audibly, but I sensed that God told me that we were going to have a son, and his name's Jacob."

He continued, "Not much longer, we were pregnant, and we lose another baby," at which point the former American Idol star recalled feeling like she "had enough".

"I had an honest conversation with God, and I told him how I felt. I was hurt… And I told him we needed something. We needed to have a baby or not, ever, because I couldn't keep going down that road anymore."

Thankfully the doctor then told the Love Wins singer that everything was looking good, and the couple welcomed its second child, Jacob, on January 21, 2019.