Ed Sheeran paid for his $68 million property empire in cash

by WENN May 20th, 2020, 9:05 am


Ed Sheeran reportedly paid cash for the multiple properties in his $68.5 million empire.

According to Britain's The Sun Newspaper, the Shape of You star, who has an estimated fortune of $211.3 million , is said to have used his financial standing to his advantage by building his 22-property empire without relying on any bank loans.

"He has a great portfolio of properties and he owns the lot free and clear. There was no need to borrow the cash from a lender because he already had it," a source told the publication.

"Some people have the cash tied up so need to raise a mortgage but Ed has piles of the cash in the bank so there was no point in letting a bank earn money by lending him the money. He just bought them outright."

It was previously reported that, during the coronavirus lockdown, Ed and wife Cherry Seaborn, 27, have turned into keen gardeners, tending to their land and growing organic fruit and vegetables, such as strawberries, potatoes, lettuce and carrots, in a greenhouse in the grounds of their sprawling $4.6 million estate in Suffolk, England.

Ed has also proved self-sufficient by setting up a beehive on the edge of his estate where he can make his own honey.