Heidi Klum: ‘I feel happy with who and how I am’

by WENN April 1st, 2020, 11:38 am


Heidi Klum has finally learned to be happy with who she is, after years of "struggling" with food.

The 46-year-old model opened up to Red magazine about how life has changed in her later years, admitting that she's now comfortable with herself – which has a lot to do with overcoming her issues surrounding eating.

"I feel happy with who I am and how I am. If I wasn't, I would change it," she smiled. "In the beginning, I had to (be disciplined about food) and now I'm just so used to it. There are so many choices, just pick the right things. Because then you don't have the struggle."

Heidi has a hectic life, given that she's busy with both work and her four children. She co-parents with ex-husband Seal, but revealed that doing so has its ups and downs.

"We try as good as we can," she said. "There's always a reason why you're not with someone anymore, you know?" she said. "It's not all rosy-rosy. It just isn't. So sometimes it's hard, but then you have to all come together as a family and sometimes everything is just like hopping on clouds. It's just the way it is."

Heidi married Tom Kaulitz in February 2019.