Chrissy Teigen settles fans’ disputes with online Chrissy’s Court session

by WENN March 28th, 2020, 10:35 am


Chrissy Teigen helped fans settle their coronavirus quarantine disputes as she took her upcoming TV courtroom online on Thursday.

The Bring The Funny host is celebrating the upcoming launch of her Quibi series, Chrissy's Court, by taking her skills to Twitter and settling disputes users are having while in quarantine.

In each episode of the new series, the star presides over one small claims case – with her mom-turned-bailiff Pepper Thai helping to maintain order in the courtroom.

Among the cases the star settled were whether or not a hot dog is technically a sandwich, if roommates should involve each other in personal FaceTime sessions, whether couples should rewind a movie if one of them falls asleep, and more.

She determined, "a hot dog is a hot dog which is a species of sandwich," in answer to the first question, while poor FaceTime behavior would result in "jail time". She also encouraged one fan to leave her fiance because he falls asleep during movies.

"I'll be settling all your petty a** disputes. use this time to get your case together and tag me, your honorable judge, with your case using #ChrissysCourt," Chrissy tweeted.

Chrissy's Court premieres on new streaming service Quibi on 6 April.