Miley Cyrus shares stalking stories with teen icon Hilary Duff

by WENN March 26th, 2020, 9:01 am


Miley Cyrus realized a big dream on Wednesday when she interviewed Hilary Duff as part of her daily Bright Minded Internet show.

The two actresses and pop stars gushed about their love for each other after Miley shared footage of the pair chatting to each other on a teen show 15 years ago and the Wrecking Ball singer confessed she used to stalk the So Yesterday hitmaker.

"You can go from stalking someone behind their tour bus to interviewing them on FaceTime," Miley told her guest, explaining she was inspired to become an actress by watching Duff on TV.

Hilary, who is on lockdown at home following the cancellation of her show Younger amid the coronavirus crisis, also confessed, "You are an inspiration to me", adding she looks to Miley for fashion and cool tips.

Duff also opened up about trying to stay positive during the coronavirus lockdown, telling Miley she and her husband Matthew are trying to "look at this time as a gift".

"It's insane but everyone's in the same boat right now."

The interview was plagued with wi-fi and technical difficulties and Duff had to move around her house trying to find "one extra bar" as she chatted to Cyrus.

The host also chatted to Bebe Rexha and Dua Lipa on her latest Bright Minded show.

Rexha opened up about keeping her mental and physical health in check during the coronavirus pandemic, revealing she has been talking to her therapist and sharing the advice.

"We have to be super nice to ourselves and have a schedule," she said. "I meditate and I'm not allowed to look at the TV until 1pm… and you have to force yourself to do things you don't wanna do, like a workout."

Bebe confessed her lockdown diet has been dreadful and she's eating Reese's Pieces candy every day, but she refuses to give herself a hard time for her bad food choices.

"Right now, you have to be really kind to you. We are all scared, we're all anxious, you've gotta be really nice to yourself."

The singer also told Miley that she owes a lot to Kim Kardashian, because she's the first big star who has a shape like hers.

Explaining she desperately wanted to wear what Miley and Britney Spears were wearing as she was growing up, she added, "I was a bigger, curvier girl. I had too much a** and too much thighs (sic). She (Kim) had those curves, so I felt more accepted."

Cyrus then hooked up with her "style icon" Dua, who she hadn't spoken to since the singers teamed up for a concert in Lipa's native Kosovo last year. The New Rules singer explained what it was like growing up in England after her family fled the war in her homeland when she was a child and then opened up about how difficult it is to promote her new album amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Dua also raved about Miley's Internet show, stating, "I think everybody needs this a little bit… It's really exciting and you have so many people that love you."