Billie Eilish: ‘Therapy helped me feel more in control’

by WENN March 13th, 2020, 2:04 pm


Billie Eilish is in a "much better" place after seeking therapy to help her struggles with depression and self-harm.

The Bury A Friend hitmaker, 18, told The New York Times Magazine she sought help after her suicidal thoughts began to alarm her family, but confessed therapy helped her gather her emotions.

"Things feel more in your control, just your brain maturing and your mood changing," she said.

The star went on to explain how her mental health issues affected her relationship with her brother and collaborator Finneas, as they struggled to agree on themes for songs.

"He wanted to make songs that resolve in the end," Billie explained. "I was like, 'But Finneas, that's not how things work in life. And I'm not going to lie in a song and talk about how I'm feeling good when I'm not.'"

Emphasising the importance of authenticity to the Bad Guy star she added: "I love bugging people out. Freaking people out. I like being looked at. I like being in people's heads. I feed off it… I want to be the voice of people."

Billie was recently forced to cancel the remainder of her March tour dates in North America due to coronavirus fears. Many of the 11 dates she had on the calendar for the month were to be held at venues shut down by local health officials.