Rihanna trolls fans over long-awaited new album

by WENN December 23rd, 2019, 2:38 pm


Rihanna toyed with fans waiting on her to drop her highly anticipated new album.

Last year, the Work hitmaker teased her latest record would drop in 2019, but with just days to go until the end of the year that date seems increasingly unlikely – something the star is more than happy to highlight.

Taking to Instagram, the singer shared a clip of a little white dog appears to be dancing in a box to House Of Pain’s funky 1989 party hit Jump Around, likening the video to herself enjoying her new music.

“Update: me listening to R9 by myself and refusing to release it,” the star, 31, teased.

Rihanna has had a busy year away from music, launching her successful Fenty clothing line, which has been met with widespread acclaim.

While fans have been begging the star to drop new music, her first since 2016’s Anti, which she says will see her return to her reggae roots, she recently insisted devotees will “have to wait” for her next record.