Demi Lovato splits with boyfriend

by WENN December 21st, 2019, 5:09 pm


Demi Lovato has called it quits with her boyfriend Austin Wilson.

The Skyscraper star made her relationship with the Los Angeles-based model Instagram official with a set of sweet snaps just last month, but confirmed the two have since parted ways.

Replying to a fan on social media, the 27-year-old singer confirmed that she and Austin were no longer together and asked fans to "not go after" him with mean comments.

"Please don't go after him. He's a good guy. Much better than what people see on the outside just because he's got a lot of tattoos," Demi wrote.

She added: "Breakups are hard for both parties involved. Just stay nice and say prayers."

Prior to her romance with Austin, Demi was linked to U.S. TV reality star Mike Johnson, who rose to fame when he appeared on The Bachelorette earlier this year.