Mark Hamill beat Kurt Russell to Star Wars role thanks to George Lucas’ daughter

by WENN December 13th, 2019, 1:03 pm


Mark Hamill has George Lucas' daughter to thank for his role as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars blockbusters, because she advised her dad to cast him.

The actor was asked to recount his Star Wars screen test during a recent 92 Y interview in New York and confessed he has since found out that he, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher were up against another trio, possibly led by Kurt Russell, as Lucas was making his final decision about who to turn into movie superstars.

"There were two sets of Princess, Pirate and Farmboy – Harrison, Carrie and me, and the other group of actors, and when George went to London to start filming he hadn't yet chosen and Marsha Lucas later told me, 'I was the one who recommended your group'. So I have to thank Marsha for that."

Hamill has since seen the audition tapes that featured as extras on a Star Wars DVD, and he's amazed he got the role of Skywalker: "I watched William Katt just oozing with charisma, Kurt Russell, Robbie Benson was boyish and young; and they all would've been perfect for Luke. Kurt Russell was even edging toward Hans Solo, which he could've played… I don't know why they picked me out of everybody else."