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Kids get a Christmas scare

by Sarah Dubetz December 12th, 2019, 7:35 am

*Disclaimer: For those who need the back story, here it is at the bottom of this page. The kids are fine and the whole family will be laughing over this for years to come. Hilarious!


His wife set up the prank with her friend, the photographer, and an acquaintance who dressed up as the Grinch. Devito explained his children knew someone would be dressing up and popping up as the classic character, but not necessarily when.

“I told them, ‘now don’t be scared now,’ because I’d seen him all dressed up beforehand and thought, ‘that’s really good,’” he recalled. “I said ‘it’s only a costume. Like mommy and daddy who dress up for Halloween.’ And they said ‘we’re not going to be scared – we love the Grinch.’”

But as they were sitting down, DeVito whipped out his camera seconds before the Grinch popped out.

In the days that followed the viral video, dozens of commenters have accused the couple of traumatizing their children. Although DeVito says they like to joke around with their children, they don’t prank them at all.

And the family wished their critics looked at the subsequent photos which showed the Christmas photoshoot was a complete success, with the children smiling, high-fiving and eating cookies with the Grinch. [CTV News]