Ariana Grande enjoys family Thanksgiving after reconciling with estranged father

by WENN November 30th, 2019, 12:13 pm


Ariana Grande has enjoyed her first family Thanksgiving dinner in 18 years after reconciling with her estranged father.

The 26-year-old took to her Instagram Stories to document the festivities on Thursday, as she reunited with her mother Joan Grande and father Edward Butera for the celebrations.

In a caption, the pop star revealed that the dinner marked her "first thanksgiving with both of my parents in 18 years!"

Joan and Edward jointly raised the 7 Rings hitmaker in Boca Raton until she was eight years old, when the couple separated, and she later revealed she lost touch with her dad in 2013.

"It took me so long to be okay with it," the God Is a Woman singer told Seventeen of her parents' separation. "The thing that got me there was embracing the fact that that I am made up of half my dad, and a lot of my traits come from him.

"So much of me comes from my father, and for so long, I didn't like that about myself. I had to accept that it's okay not to get along with somebody and still love them."