Ja Rule dismissed from Fyre Festival lawsuit

by WENN July 15th, 2019, 4:00 am


A judge has dismissed Ja Rule from a class action lawsuit over the disastrous Fyre Festival.

According to editors at the New York Post’s gossip column Page Six, a New York federal court judge ruled on Wednesday that the 43-year-old rapper, real name Jeffrey Bruce Atkins, and Fyre Fest chief marketing officer, Grant Margolin, were dismissed from a civil suit over the festival, which had been billed as a luxury festival in the Bahamas in April, 2017, as the plaintiffs did not meet the legal standard to bring fraud claims.

The suit was filed by ticket holders who had been charged between $5,000 and $250,000 to see sets by the likes of Major Lazer, Tyga, Pusha T, and Desiigner.

But on their arrival, they took to social media to vent about the poor quality of the accommodation and catering provided, while all the major acts pulled out of performances when it became clear the event was a shambles.

The plaintiffs alleged that both Atkins and Margolin made false representations about the festival and its accommodations, although they knew for months they would not be able to deliver what they promised.

However, Judge P. Kevin Castel ruled there were no specific promises made in Atkins’s tweets.

“The subjective qualifiers of ‘FOMO-inducing’ and ‘Coachella x 1000’ are too exaggerated, blustering, and boasting for a reasonable consumer to rely on,” Castel said in summary.

“Mr. Atkins is thankful for today’s ruling and for the Court’s time and attention. Justice was done today,” the musician’s lawyer said in a statement.

The lawsuit will continue against embattled Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland, who was sentenced to six years in prison last October for multiple counts of fraud, including charges relating to the event.