‘Prude’ Mariah Carey has only ever slept with five people

by WENN July 11th, 2019, 4:00 am


Mariah Carey has only slept with five people and considers herself to be “kind of a prude”.

For the August 2019 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, the superstar opened up about her sex life and admitted that she hasn’t played the field much over the years.

“I haven’t had that many, but there has been a variety pack,” she stated. “I’ve only been with five people in my life, so I’m kind of a prude, honestly, compared to most others in the field.”

Mariah has been married twice – to Tommy Mottola and Nick Cannon – and was engaged to Australian billionaire James Packer.

She is currently in a relationship with her back-up dancer and choreographer Bryan Tanaka, while her ex-boyfriends are rumoured to have included Derek Jeter and Eric Benet.

Elsewhere in the interview, Mariah briefly touched upon her rocky relationship with music producer Tommy, who she divorced in 1998 after five years of marriage, and reflected on her now-famous 2016 performance on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve in Times Square, which received worldwide attention after technical difficulties caused the Hero hitmaker’s in-ear monitors to malfunction.

Addressing the poorly received show, Mariah insisted she has tackled much worse scenarios over the course of her career and is certain her fans will support her no matter what.

“If people think that’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me, then, first of all, they haven’t studied my career well enough,” the mother-of-two smiled. “After what I’ve been through, who really gives a s**t if my monitor broke, fell off, came out of my ears because the stupid robe was too loose? These things happen and it’s over. My true fans stick with me, and the rest of the people will get over it.”