John Travolta embarrassed daughter in front of Taylor Lautner

by WENN May 26th, 2019, 10:59 am


John Travolta's daughter was left blushing when Taylor Lautner visited the family's home.

John's daughter Ella Bleu recalled the incident during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, and shared how the Grease star informed Taylor, 27, of her fondness of his Twilight character Jacob Black.

"I've always been Team Jacob and before he came over, my friends and I were looking at pictures of him. It was all research," the 19-year-old shared. "Then the first thing my dad says to him is, 'Oh, she was just looking you guys up on the Internet.'"

While Ella was clearly unimpressed with her father's actions, the Pulp Fiction star defended himself to guest host Lena Waithe, asking: "Wouldn't he be flattered that Ella is looking him up?"

John and Ella's appearance on the show coincided with the release of their new movie Poison Rose. In the clip, which was inspired by classic film noir, the 65-year-old plays ex-football star turned private investigator Carson Phillips, while his daughter plays a prime suspect in a murder case.

Since filming scenes for the movie, the star made the drastic decision to completely shave his head, and he debuted the look in an Instagram post in January. The post subsequently went viral, and the Hairspray star confessed he was surprised by the attention the snap received.

"I was not expecting that to go viral. It's just a haircut. The last time I went this viral was when I mispronounced Idina Menzel's name," he quipped. "It's so much easier. I did a movie called From Paris with Love (in 2010) and I got used to it. It was not a total shock."