Horoscope: May 19-25

by Heather Zais May 17th, 2019, 1:00 am



Those seeking adventure or excitement need to consider the cost. If you feel it is worth it, then go ahead; avoid prying eyes.

Dodge those asking too many questions that are none of their business.

Some may see a future in the association or relationship so let it develop naturally.

New plans or ideas need a test period. Decisions are made mid-week; shift gears or finalize. Resurrect the past if it still has value.

Communications increase on all levels; timing is an issue for results or reunions. Be short and to the point.

Take a break to have some fun if you have to wait.

Consult with professional when making critical choices. Collect signatures, etc.

ARIES: You have a larger say or increased authority now. Use this to pull every thing together right.

TAURUS: You attract praise or spontaneous affection as others are attracted to you. Enjoy popularity.

GEMINI: Cozy talk in private enhances relationships. Assess the future potential or love connection.

CANCER: You step up to the plate and out of your comfort zone. Connect with influential associates.

LEO: Your status rises as others show their admiration for you. Being responsible is highly rewarding.

VIRGO: You gain information that gives you the edge with important matters. Consult the authorities.

LIBRA: Navigate obstacles as you climb the ladder. Greater job fulfillment makes you more secure.

SCORPIO: Pull a plan together or sigh something that benefits you financially or increases assets.

SAGITTARIUS: You have luck with mate or partnership matters. Generous arrangements work out.

CAPRICORN: Your reputation speaks for itself and others see you as the one best for the job now.

AQUARIUS: Join forces with those of power or influence. The outcome could affect home or office.

PISCES: Take your rightful place in the public eye. Choose a good location for base of operations.