Howard Stern regrets his mean interview with Robin Williams

by WENN May 12th, 2019, 8:59 am


Shock jock Howard Stern has two major regrets – the way he treated Robin Williams and Rosie O'Donnell.

The satellite radio DJ admits he was too mean to the late comedian when he had him on his show, and Mia Farrow scolded him for attacking Rosie on air.

"I loved Robin Williams, but there I am beating him over the head with like, 'Hey, I hear you're f**king your nanny?'" Stern tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I could have had a great conversation, but I'm playing to the audience.

"They want to hear outrageousness, and that's my arrogance thinking that Robin Williams can't entertain my audience. How stupid am I?"

As for O'Donnell, Stern is glad Farrow stepped in to broker peace between the pair.

"She said, 'Stop being such an a**hole. You and Rosie have more in common than you think'," the radio icon recalls. "And we really do.

"I remember thinking, 'How could I have missed out in my life on someone so special because of some dumb posturing on the radio?'"

Meanwhile, Stern admits a cancer scare made him rethink his whole image and the types of people he had on his hard-hitting show.

"You can only interview so many strippers…," he explains. "(I) loved the idea that we'd go on the air and measure our penises or discuss vaginal secretions. Whatever it was, if it freaked you out, I loved it because, to me, it was not a big deal. But now I find it gross. And I'd feel really f**king s**tty if I hadn't evolved. I'd be completely out of step with the times."