Bebe Rexha too scared to get her nose fixed

by WENN May 12th, 2019, 4:00 am


Bebe Rexha has a deviated septum but she’s too scared to go under the knife and get her nose fixed.

The singer tells the new issue of Health magazine she’s constantly battling sinus issues and breathing problems, but she’s worried that surgery might affect the way she looks.

“I have a deviated septum, and I keep getting sinus infections, and I’m scared to get that (fixed),” she tells the publication. “I’m scared to go under the knife. I don’t want it to mess up my nose!”

But the 29 year old insist she will get the job done one day – and maybe perk up her boobs while she’s at it.

“If I got work done… I definitely want to get my boobs lifted one day,” she adds. “If it makes me feel better and sexy? I’m like, do whatever you want.”

The Last Hurrah singer recently opened up about her battle with mental health, revealing she is bipolar, and now also admits she has struggled with her self-esteem for years after her first label bosses told her to lose weight.

”When I first got signed to one of my deals, my managers were like, ‘Are you ready to get into bootcamp shape?’ I was like, ‘Sure! What does that mean?’ They told me to lose 20 pounds, and it kind of messed me up.”

That callous comment sent her to therapy and now Bebe is working on walking around her home naked – and enjoying it.

“I walk around the house in just underwear and a bra,” Bebe says. “My therapist told me, ‘You should walk around naked; it helps’. I’m like, ‘I can’t do that yet!'”